Carnegie Middle East Center’s director Maha Yahya joined BBC’s World Update to discuss former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s resignation. Yahya tackled rumors following Hariri’s resignation from Saudi Arabia, which insinuate that Hariri is under house arrest in Riyadh. Yayha argued that Saudi Arabia has criticized Hariri for being too accommodating with Hezbollah, and that the new crown prince aims to show that Saudi Arabia has a new, more aggressive foreign policy.

Yahya said Hariri understands that these confrontations can only lead to civil war and that Lebanon can only function by consensus building rather than by confrontation. Yahya also commented on rumors that Bahaa Hariri will be taking over his brother’s position. On the isssue of a potential war between Hezbollah and Israel, Yahya expressed hope that there will be enough international push against such a scenario. The segment begins at 7:50.

This was originally broadcast on BBC.