On August 2nd 2012, the Local Coordination Committees of Syria released a statement on the need for establishing a transitional interim government in Syria to govern the newly liberated areas. The committees asserted that any transitional government should be formed through consensus of all opposition actors – external and internal -- and be done in coordination with the Free Syrian Army and Local Coordination Committees.

Statement by the Local Coordination Committees on Establishing a Transitional Government

August 2nd, 2012
As more and more areas slip out of the regime’s control in Syria, and as the regime nears its collapse, the need for a national transitional government has become paramount.
Such a government is needed to help organize the civilians in liberated areas to help coordinate the revolutionary bodies and their activities in Syria. A transitional government is also needed to represent the revolution on the international level.
Despite being a “transitional” government,  this body will  be the political representative of Syria that will repeal the Assad era forever. Therefore, the transitional government should be formed after extensive and careful consultations among different political parties, the Local Coordination Committees, and the Free Syrian Army. These consultations should obtain the broadest possible national consensus and must ensure that no sector of the Syrian public is excluded or marginalized. Therefore, the transitional government should be composed of figures renowned for their public service ethics.
Under the current circumstances of the Syrian Revolution, we believe the transitional government should be of limited size in order to be cost-effective, yet able to work efficiently, both nationally and internationally.
Unfortunately, we, among millions of Syrians, have noticed hasty attempts by certain individuals and committees to form this much-needed government. We have felt, on occasion, that these hasty attempts have crossed the line over the values of our great revolution and have insulted the martyrs and sacrifices the Syrian people have made over the last year and a half, in addition to the sacrifices made over the past decades of dictatorship.
Our revolution for dignity expects the representatives of the Syrian people to act in a noble and respectful manner. One of the primary values in our revolution is equality among all Syrians; and in our traditions, high-ranking positions are not normally given to people who merely ask for them; rather, they are bestowed upon those who are believed capable of doing the job efficiently. We believe that one of the main criteria for this government is the willingness of its candidates to move to Syria and perform their functions there, thereby putting themselves at the same level of risk the Syrian people face. This courage will enable candidates to demonstrate fully their values of nationalism and equality.
Again, we reiterate that the primary task of this government is to obtain a national consensus and stay removed from negative competition and political rivalry. Politicians should display a sense of responsibility in working to achieve this goal, and avoid parochial selfish interests.
Live Long Free Syria
Live in Dignity, Revolutionary Syrians