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Recent Publications

  • Article
    The Syrian Opposition’s Bleak Outlook
    Yezid Sayigh April 17, 2014

    The Syrian National Coalition is living on borrowed time. Unless it can develop credible political leadership and effective administration inside Syria, the outlook for those trying to make it succeed looks bleak. عربي

  • Paper
    The Roots of Crisis in Northern Lebanon
    Raphaël Lefèvre April 15, 2014

    Syria’s civil war is helping destabilize the city of Tripoli and threatening other parts of Lebanon. But today’s challenges have plagued Lebanon since long before the Syrian uprising. عربي

  • Op-Ed
    Tartus in the Present Crisis: A Mirror of the Syrian Regime
    Kheder Khaddour April 13, 2014

    In Tartus, shielded from much of the current conflict, the Syrian regime had a golden opportunity to undertake and demonstrate reforms. It instead chose to continue to portray the state and society as unchanged and unchanging, implicitly asserting that all is well.

  • Article
    The Assad Regime: Winning on Points
    Yezid Sayigh April 10, 2014

    The Assad regime is clawing its way back to a position of dominance in the Syrian conflict. But it can only maintain that position as long as the armed conflict endures. عربي

  • Article
    A Melancholy Perspective on Syria
    Yezid Sayigh April 8, 2014

    The time when Assad might have been defeated by a truly inept opposition leadership and fragmented rebel movement has passed. عربي

  • Op-Ed
    Turkey: Local Elections Gave Huge Victory to Erdogan
    Bayram Balci April 3, 2014

    The recent elections mark a new start and a new departure for the Turkish prime minister’s political career. Erdogan has proved that he is still popular, but despite this popularity and this victory, he has a lot of work ahead.

  • Op-Ed
    From Arab Spring to Presidential Spring
    Yezid Sayigh April 3, 2014

    The “Presidential Spring” now underway in the Arab world reveals the enduring power of entrenched elite players and institutional actors and their ability to perpetuate self-serving—and mostly authoritarian—politics. عربي

  • Op-Ed
    Erdoğan’s Pyrrhic Victory
    Sinan Ülgen April 3, 2014

    After winning recent local elections, Turkey’s prime minister may opt to lower the political temperature at home in the hope of repairing the country’s frayed relations abroad.

  • Op-Ed
    Egypt’s Judges Join In

    The institutions of the Egyptian state that used to command respect because they were seen as being above the political fray—the judiciary as well as the army—now seem to be very willing participants in the repression of the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • Article
    Hezbollah’s Last-Ditch Battle
    Mario Abou Zeid April 2, 2014

    Faced with a series of regional challenges and coming under intense international pressure to pull out from Syria, Hezbollah has been pushed to embark on an exercise of self-review and to make compromises at home. عربي

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