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  • Sisters in the Muslim Brotherhood

    The Muslim Brotherhood’s first women’s division, the Muslim Sisters Group, was created in 1932. Since then, women activists have been at the forefront of the social and political struggle of the Muslim Brotherhood movement in Egypt.

  • Investment Deals’ Degree of Difficulty Just Got Higher

    Investors from emerging surplus capital economies no longer restrict themselves to financing the debt burden of big public and private players; they also strategically seek equity stakes in companies based in industrialized economies.

  • The Logic of Syrian-Israeli Peace

    The possibility of peace between Syria and Israel in 2009 is a serious one. Both countries have a strategic interest in peace, and have been pursuing indirect negotiations under Turkish auspices for a year.

  • Arab Sovereign Wealth Funds: Time to Develop a Policy

    The role of Sovereign Wealth Funds, large state-owned investment vehicles, in the global financial architecture is beginning to top the political agenda in Europe and the United States. Europeans and Americans have voiced their concerns about the economic and political influence that foreign governments could exercise through their SWFs.

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