The Carnegie Middle East Center organized a briefing on the realities and dynamics of the political scene in Iraq in the run-up to the critical upcoming parliamentary elections, scheduled for March 7. Two leading Iraqi experts presented their research findings and analyses of the alliances and power relationships that have been developing, and will examine the possible electoral outcomes. 
The parliamentary elections will be decisive in determining the leadership and makeup of the next Iraqi government; and that government will face critical challenges in the areas of political inclusion, maintaining security through the US troop withdrawal, managing internal tensions over Kirkuk and other issues, and rebuilding relations with the GCC and other neighbours.
Dr. Faleh A. Jabar, Director of the Iraq Institute for Stategic Studies in Beirut.
Dr. Saad Abdul-Razzaq, Project Director at the Iraq Institute for Stategic Studies in Beirut.
Moderator: Paul Salem, Director, Carnegie Middle East Center
Place: The New Offices of the Carnegie Middle East Center: Lazarieh Tower, Bloc A (Bldg. No. 2026 1210), 5th Floor, Emir Bashir St., near Riad el Solh Square, Downtown Beirut.