ARMEN GEORGIAN: It’s a depressingly familiar pattern. Middle East peace talks collapse and a fresh round of Israeli-Palestinian bloodletting begins. With a grim inevitability, Israel and Hamas found themselves sucked into a conflict that neither side really wanted and that outside powers seems reluctant or impotent to stop. To discuss this situation, I’m pleased to welcome a very distinguished Middle East Analyst. Yezid Sayigh joins me from Beirut. In the early 90s, he was a negotiator in the Palestinian delegation in peace talks with Israel. He’s also an academic who has taught at Cambridge and at King’s College London. Yezid Sayigh has authored numerous books on the Middle East and he’s now senior associate at the Carnegie Middle East Center think tank.

France 24 the Interview’s Armen Georgian spoke with Carnegie’s Yezid Sayigh about why the Israeli-Egyptian blockade of the Gaza Strip is a dead-end strategy, the diplomatic efforts to stop the fighting, and the impact of the Gaza conflict both on Hamas and on the Palestinian Authority.

This interview was broadcasted on France 24’s the Interview.