Carnegie’s Farea Al-Muslimi and Lina Khatib held a special discussion with former Yemeni prime minister Abd Al-Karim Al-Iryani on the current situation in Riyadh and the future of Yemen.


  • Security Council Resolution 2216: Unless all parties start to follow the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2216, nothing will be achieved in Yemen, argued Al-Iryani. He contended that the Houthis were too fast to reject the 2216 resolution. Al-Irayni also emphasized the need for an agreement on the constitution, particularly concerning the issue of forming regional borders. 
  • Constitutional Framework: The UN Geneva Conference must be held, Al-Irayni said. However, any real progress requires a ceasefire and the initiation of a transitional period, followed by presidential and parliamentary elections. Al-Irayni concluded by saying that any solution must be based on a constitutional framework.