Carnegie’s Renad Mansour spoke with Radio Sputnik on the tragic bombings that took place in Baghdad on Sunday. Mansour argued that the bombings were a consquence of divisions within Iraq's security establishment as it is divided between the central government, the Popular Mobilization Forces, and neighborhood patrols.  Mansour stated that due to these divisions, the government is incapable of preventing such bombings. Mansour noted that the Islamic State has begun to change its tactics in Iraq, switching from attemping to conquer cities to asymmetric warfare in order to cause chaos.  Mansour also discussed how Iraqi citizens want change on the political level and that they believe the government is not capable to provide for them. Mansour then discussed Prime Minister Haidar Abadi's political future as he is facing opposition from within his own party and ordinary citizens. Mansour argued that it is still unlear whether Abadi will leave or use this as an opportunity to enact reforms. He also stated that there is a general fear of who would be able to succeed Abadi.

This interview was originally broadcast on Radio Sputnik.