Carnegie Middle East Center's Carole Nakhle joined CCTV America's Mike Walter to discuss ISIL's oil producing capabilities. Nakhle argued that we can only speculate how much oil ISIL is producing and for how much the group is selling it for on the black market.  The group's revenue is decreasing due to a decrease in production and the continued bombing of allied forces. According to Nakhle, ISIL's oil was only sought after on the black market and now the group is focusing more on refined oil products like heating oil or diesel. She stated that allied bombings had an impact on the drilling for and selling of oil but not on its refinement.  She also argued that the oil is not ISIL's but the people of Syria and Iraq and America cannot seize it.  Nakhle finally noted that even if ISIL lost its oil supplies, it would not spell the end of the group as its ideology still attracts followers.