Carnegie's Dalia Ghanem-Yazbek appeared on France 24's ” The Debate” with Francois Picard to discuss woman and radicalization following a failed plot in Paris featuring female recruiters. Yazbek stated that this incident is not a new phenomenon as women have been participating in jihadism for a while. She continued to say that there are two main motives for female radicalization: The first is religious belief and the second is the desire to be part of a perfect society and to have a stronger bond of sisterhood.  

Yazbek noted that using a woman to perform terrorist attacks serves as a media campaign for the Islamic State as it will garner more media attention. Yazbek pointed out that there is a major problem in Europe between integration and assimilation which is only helping the Islamic state. Many women are attracted to the organization because it provides a space to freely practice their religion. Yazbek also stated that the major problem is how to integrate the Muslim community in Europe which first begins with helping them find an identity in order to feel like full-fledged citizens. 

This video was originally broadcast on France 24.