The mass protests that began in December 2010 will likely be remembered as decisive turning points in the modern history of the Middle East and North Africa, due in part to the collective sentiments and coordinated activities of young men and women across the region. Ten years later, these young activists have stories of success and failure to tell, as well as many lessons to share, and a new generation of youth activists has been added to their predecessors who rose up in 2010. What are the lessons learned and what are the factors of success and failure in these movements?

Join us on Tuesday, April 6 from 10:00-11:30 a.m. EEST for a public panel discussion with Assaad Al Achi, Anas Al Gomati, Aline Fleihan,Yosra Frawes, Mohamed Ilwiya and Zine Labidine Ghebloui, chaired by Maha Yahya. The discussion will be held in Arabic and livestreamed on YouTube and Facebook. For more information, please contact Josiane Matar at