In the last decade, the first round of protest movements was followed by a second in 2019. A feature of the second wave is the decline in the influence of Islamists. While an underlying dissatisfaction and need for change were are at the center of the 2019 upheavals, the situations varied according to each country. The panel will explore what were the main triggers for the second wave of protests. How did they differ from one country to the other? Has the new wave of protests in Algeria, Lebanon and Sudan evolved, building on the experiences of the past? If yes, why and in what way?

Join us on Wednesday, April 7 from 13:30 till 14:45 p.m. EEST for a public panel discussion with Raed Abou Hamdan, Rasha Al Aqeedy, Bashar Al Halabi, Arash Azizi, and Ali Bakir, hosted by Yara Asmar. The discussion will be held in English and livestreamed on YouTube and Facebook. For more information,  please contact Josiane Matar at