With millions of deaths across the globe amid lockdowns and an economic slowdown, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted human life in an unprecedented way. The ongoing impact of the pandemic threatens to further disrupt economies, trigger protests and civil strife, and exacerbate the already growing gap between rich and poor. 

The panel aims to shed light on the pandemic’s long-term economic, political, and social consequences and policy options for growth and stability. 

Join us on Wednesday, December 8 from 16:15-17:30 EET for a public panel discussion with Jihad Azour, Rosa Balfour, Evan Feigenbaum and Mosises Naím chaired by Zainab Usman. The discussion will be held in English and livestreamed on YouTube and Facebook.

For more information, please contact Josiane Matar at josiane.matar@carnegie-mec.org.