The Middle Eastern regional order that the United States dominated after the end of the Cold War is changing rapidly. New regional and international actors are filling the void, so that a number of contending alignments of states have emerged. This situation harks back to the Middle East of the 1960s and 1970s, when the volatile region was shaped by what was described as the “politics of axes”.

This fireside chat will address the new alignments in the Middle East, where they are likely to lead, what they will mean for the region in the coming decade, and whether Arab states and their non-Arab neighbors can arrive at a diplomatic and security architecture that leads to greater stability.

Join us on Thursday, December 9 from 16:30-17:15 EET for a fireside chat with Ghassan Salame and Maha Yahya. The discussion will be held in English and livestreamed on YouTube and Facebook.

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