On December 7 and 8, 2022, the Malcolm H. Kerr Carnegie Middle East Center is hosting its sixth annual conference, titled “Reverberations of Multiple Crises: What to Expect in 2023.” The conference will consist of ten discussions that will be available online, and that will focus on the most significant and challenging global issues for the upcoming year. The topics of discussions will cover current developments as they relate to the global economy; the interrelated nature of climate change, conflict, and food security; populist trends around the world and the rise of authoritarianism; the effects of increased competition among global superpowers in space; the shifting power dynamics in the Indo-Pacific region; and the dynamics among Middle East regional players, including their alliances, proxy wars, and regional tensions.

As in previous iterations, this annual conference will bring together scholars from Carnegie centers around the world—Beirut, Brussels, Beijing, New Delhi, and Washington—as well as external experts, to discuss the current state of global affairs and weigh in on what they perceive will be the main salient issues to follow in the year to come.

The event will be broadcast live, in English, on our Facebook and YouTube channels.