The Bloc of Liberal Independents is not a party but one of the nine factions of the Syrian National Council. The bloc consists of 21 independent members, including Burhan Ghalioun, who was the president of the Syrian National Council until mid-May 2012. The bloc is not an ideologically cohesive faction, but its members are all supportive of a democratic, pluralistic, and civil state.

Major Figures

Burhan Ghalioun: Chairman of the Syrian National Council (until June 10 2012) and President of the Political Bureau of the Bloc of Liberal Independents
Abdullah Turkmani: Vice-President
Naji Tayara: Secretary


The bloc of independents is largely composed of secular democrat intellectuals and academics residing outside of Syria. There are five women among the bloc's members: Mania Alkhatib, Ancha Arnaout, Yara Nasir, Rasha Khaled, and Randa Qassis.


Policy Toward the Crisis

  • Calls for external military intervention
  • Calls for the arming of the opposition
  • Rejects dialogue with the regime
  • Supports the Annan peace plan

Political Objectives

  • A pluralistic, democratic form of government
  • Free elections
  • Freedom of assembly and speech
  • Equality between citizens