The Communist Labor Party, also known as the Communist Action Party, is a left-wing opposition party. It is a member of the National Coordination Body for Democratic Change, the National Democratic Assembly, and the Marxist Left Assembly. The party calls for peaceful democratic change.

Major Figures

Fateh Jamous: secretary-general


The Communist Labor Party is a 2003 re-creation of a 1976 Marxist-Leninist splinter group from the Syrian Communist Party, popular among students and intellectuals. The party joined the National Democratic Assembly in 2006 and the Marxist Left Assembly in 2007. In June 2011, it joined the National Coordination Body for Democratic Change. Its leader, Fateh Jamous, has been a politically active journalist since the 1980s; he was held in prison by the Syrian government for almost twenty years.


Policy Toward the Syrian Crisis

  • Rejects external military intervention
  • Rejects arming the opposition
  • Supports dialogue with the regime
  • Supports the Annan peace plan

Political Objectives

  • A secular democratic government
  • Free elections
  • Separation of powers
  • Equality between citizens
  • Freedom of assembly and speech