Together for a Free and Democratic Syria is a small secular movement of Syrian intellectuals within the National Coordination Body for Democratic Change. It calls for civil democracy and equality of rights and duties for all citizens.

Major Party Figures

Munther Bader Halloum: coordinator
Munther Khaddam: spokesman  


Together for a Free and Democratic Syria was formed on June 23, 2011, by approximately 30 intellectuals, including doctors, teachers, engineers, writers, and students, and it immediately joined the National Coordination Body for Democratic Change. In February 2012 the movement applied for legal registration from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor under after the change in constitution which allows for some degree of political plurality, however its application was later rejected.

The party seeks the removal of the regime through peaceful protest and rejects all forms of violence and sectarian incitement. It is best known for its role in coordinating “dignity strikes,” which call for the boycott of all regime-sponsored products and services, and trying to organize general strikes. Most of the party’s support comes from the intellectual and social networks to which its founding members belong. 


Policy Toward the Crisis

  • Rejects external military intervention
  • Rejects arming the opposition
  • Supports dialogue with the regime but only to ensure its orderly removal 
  • Supports the Annan peace plan  

Political Objectives

  • A democratic, secular, and free state 
  • National unity through unified civil society