Frederic Wehrey is a senior fellow in the Carnegie Middle East program who specializes in post-conflict transitions, armed groups, and identity politics, with a focus on Libya, North Africa, and the Gulf. He is the author of the upcoming The Burning Shores: Inside the Battle for the New Libya (Farrar, Straus and Giroux), which will be published in April. Wehrey also recently published an edited book, titled Beyond Sunni and Shia: The Roots of Sectarianism in a Changing Middle East (Oxford University Press). He was in Beirut in early February to participate in a Carnegie roundtable at which he talked about Libya’s policing sector, a topic he partly covered in his most recent article for Diwan, “The Sufi-Salafi Rift,” co-authored with Katherine Pollock. Diwan met with him then to discuss his forthcoming book.