Oussama Sghaier is a Tunisian politician and parliamentarian from the Ennahda Party. Though he was born in Tunis, Sghaier and his family were forced to flee during the rule of former president Zine al-Abidine ben Ali. After seventeen years of political asylum in Italy, he returned to Tunisia after the 2010–2011 uprising. During his first parliamentary cycle, Sghaier was elected to the committee charged with preparing a constitution. He was also a member of the parliamentary committee on transitional justice. Sghaier was reelected in the 2014 parliamentary elections. In his second parliamentary cycle, he joined the Committee of Finance, Planning, and Economic Development and the Defense and Security Committee. In November 2017, Sghaier was appointed president of the Committee of Tunisian Residents Overseas. In mid-March, Diwan sat with Sghaier to discuss the current political situation in Tunisia.