Yasmine Farouk

Nonresident Scholar
Middle East Program

Yasmine Farouk is a nonresident scholar in the Middle East Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Yasmine Farouk studied political science at Cairo University, Sciences Po Paris and was a Fulbright Fellow at Yale University during her postdoctoral studies. Her previous research and publications cover Egyptian and Saudi foreign policies, international relations in the Arab world, and social participation in policy and constitution making. Prior to joining Carnegie, Yasmine was based in Egypt where she taught political science. She previously worked at the office of the Egyptian prime minister after the 2011 revolution supporting civil society participation in the national dialogue and constitution making processes. From 2016 to 2017, she was the director of research at Cairo International Center for Conflict Resolution, Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding (CCCPA), a think tank and training center affiliated with the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Yasmine was a fellow of the French Ministry of Defense, Stanford University, the American University in Cairo (AUC Forum), and the French ministry of foreign affairs. She was also a consultant for the UNDP working on the Arab Human Development report.

At Carnegie, Yasmine’s research focuses on Saudi Arabia and regional foreign relations.

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  • Here to Stay?
    • April 22, 2020

    Here to Stay?

    The impact of the coronavirus in the Middle East has led to shifts in the nature of authoritarianism.

  • Quieting the Home Front
    • July 31, 2019

    Quieting the Home Front

    Saudi Arabia has used a variety of means to neutralize domestic opposition to the war in Yemen.

  • Troubles in Paradise
    • April 24, 2019

    Troubles in Paradise

    Despite close ties, some tensions continue to mar the relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia.

  • Guilt by Association
    • February 15, 2019

    Guilt by Association

    The United States faces a number of dilemmas in supporting Saudi activism.

  • A Road to Damascus
    • November 21, 2018

    A Road to Damascus

    Saudi Arabia has the means to do more in Syria in order to advance its interests there.

  • The Penalties of a Death
    • September 17, 2018

    The Penalties of a Death

    If Saudi Arabia aims to reform Wahhabi Salafism, it must not execute the reformers.


PhD, Sciences Po Paris, France
MA, Sciences Po Paris, France
BA, Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University, Egypt 

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