Amal Saad-Ghorayeb

Former  Visiting Scholar

M.A. and B.A., American University of Beirut; Ph.D., University of Birmingham, England

  • Arabic
  • English

This person is no longer with the Carnegie Endowment.

Amal Saad-Ghorayeb was a visiting scholar in the Carnegie Middle East Center. A leading expert on Hizbollah, Saad-Ghorayeb has done extensive research on the organization, conducting numerous in-depth interviews with leading Hizbollah officials. She has also written extensively about Lebanon’s Shiites and Lebanese politics. Prior to joining Carnegie, she taught political science at the Lebanese American University in Beirut, and was a consultant at the Beirut Center for Research and Information–a leading Lebanese research center specializing in public opinion research.

Selected Publications: “Hizbollah’s Outlook in the Current Conflict: Motives, Strategy and Objectives”, (Carnegie Policy Outlook, August 2006); “Hizbollah’s Outlook in the Current Conflict: Accommodating Diplomacy and Preparing for the Post-War Context”, (Carnegie Policy Outlook, August 2006); “Factors Conducive to the Politicization of the Lebanese Shi’ites and the Subsequent Rise of Hizbollah,” (Journal of Islamic Studies, 14, 3, Dec. 2003); Hizbollah: Politics and Religion, (Pluto Press, 2002)

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