Abdul Basit Sida is a Kurdish writer and activist. He is the former chairman of the Syrian National Council, and represents the Kurdish bloc within it.

Sida diverges from the majority position among Syrian Kurdish opposition parties, supporting decentralization rather than federalism as a solution to the Kurdish issue in Syria. Responding to criticism about his refusal to comply with the decision of the Kurdish National Council to withdraw from the opposition conference called by the Syrian National Council in Istanbul in late March 2012, Sida said: “I understand the emotions of the Kurdish youth longing for a better future, but drifting away from the Syrian revolution with overambitious and unrealistic national demands will not serve the Kurdish cause or the Syrian national project.” He has warned since then of increasing tensions between Kurds and Arabs in Kurdish regions, which in his view serve the interests of the Syrian regime.

Born in 1956, Sida is from Hasaka and currently lives in exile in Sweden. He holds a Ph.D. in philosophy from the Damascus University (awarded in 1991) and is an expert in ancient Eastern and Mesopotamian philosophy. In 2003, he published a book entitled The Kurdish Cause in Syria.