Catherine al-Talli is a Syrian lawyer and human rights activist.

Al-Talli has been documenting human rights abuses for the Syrian Human Rights Organization (Sawasiah) since the start of protests in March 2011 and was briefly arrested by government security forces in May for supporting the uprising. In October, she joined the Syrian National Council, becoming a member of its Executive Committee. However, she soon became dissatisfied with its decisionmaking process and in February 2012 helped found the Syrian Patriotic Group as a platform for dissent within the council. Al-Talli resigned from the council altogether in mid-March, along with veteran activists Haitham al-Maleh and Kamal al-Labwani, citing political differences and the inefficiency of the council.

Born in 1978, al-Talli became an attorney in 2007. Forced into exile from Syria in September 2011, she currently lives in Boston where she continues her independent political activism.