The Marxist Left Assembly is a Marxist opposition coalition of small leftist and communist parties within the National Coordination Body for Democratic Change. It calls for a sovereign transfer of power to a patriotic, democratic, parliamentary, and pluralist political system to institute reforms that cut across sectarian divides.

Major Figures/Members

Abdul-Aziz Al-Khair: founding member of the National Coordination Body for Democratic Change (formerly a leading member of the Communist Action Party)
Fateh Jamous: president of the Communist Action Party
Muhammad Musa: The Kurdish Left Party in Syria
The Marxist Democratic Assembly
The Syrian Democratic People’s Party, formerly the Syrian Communist Party (Political Bureau)


The Marxist Left Assembly was established in 2007 at the time the leadership of the Damascus Declaration was being contested. The dispute centered on a conflict between Arab nationalist/leftist groupings and the liberal/Islamist groupings associated with the Damascus Spring of the early 2000s. The assembly took shape between 2007 and 2009, as it became apparent that the Damascus Declaration was splintering. Several labor parties and political figures finally broke away when Abdel Halim Khaddam, former vice president of Syria and now the head of the dissident National Salvation Front, indicated his readiness to end the state of war with Israel without consulting the other members of the alliance. 

More recently, the Marxist Left Assembly helped to found the National Coordination Body for Democratic Change, becoming a full member when the Coordination Body was established on June 30, 2011. One of the Marxist Left Assembly’s most prominent members, Abdul-Aziz Al-Khair, is among Syria’s most-celebrated prisoners of conscience, having spent fourteen years in jail. He is also an Alawi, which is significant in terms of ensuring cross-communal representation in the National Coordination Body for Democratic Change.

Al-Khair went missing after leaving Damascus airport on September 21, 2012. He was returning from a visit to China and was due to attend the September 23 Syria Salvation Conference, which was convened by the National Coordination Body for Democratic Change in Damascus. The National Coordination Body for Democratic Change accused government troops of abducting al-Khair, while the regime blamed opposition rebels.


Policy Toward the Crisis

  • Rejects external military intervention.
  • Rejects arming the opposition.
  • Supports dialogue with the regime.
  • Supports the Annan peace plan.

Political Objectives

  • The creation of a secular, socialist, and democratic state through decisive leadership to implement a comprehensive program of reforms
  • A transition to a new government free of foreign interference or intervention, so as to maintain the absolute sovereignty of Syria

Foreign Policy Issues

  • Rejects peace with Israel.