The Revolutionary Movement is not a party but one of the nine factions of the Syrian National Council. It comprises the Local Coordination Committees, members of the Syrian Revolution General Commission, and other tansiqiya (coordination) groups, as well as media and street activists. The Revolutionary Movement calls for democracy, freedom, dignity, and equality.

Major Figures

Hozan Ibrahim: Local Coordination Committees spokesperson and representative on the Syrian National Council’s General Secretariat


The Revolutionary Movement is largely composed of tansiqiya groups and alliances, consisting of youth and media activists connected to the grassroots uprising inside Syria. Since the unrest began, such groups have played a key role in linking networks of demonstrators, spreading information about the revolution, and coordinating the revolutionaries’ media work. The faction plays an intermediary role between the Syrian National Council and revolutionary movements on the ground.


Policy Toward the Crisis

  • Calls for external military intervention
  • Calls for arming the opposition
  • Rejects dialogue with the regime
  • Supports the Annan peace plan

Political Objectives

  • A civil and democratic state
  • Free elections
  • Freedom of assembly and speech
  • Equality between citizens