Ahmad Ramadan is the chairman of the Media and Public Relations Bureau of the Syrian National Council and a member of its Executive Committee. 

Ramadan rose to prominence in the Syrian uprising when he became secretary-general of the National Action Group for Syria, an Islamist-nationalist organization established in April 2011. The group, and in particular Ramadan, is seen as close to the former comptroller general and head of the “Aleppo faction” of the Muslim Brotherhood, Ali Sadreddine al-Bayanouni. Ramadan later headed the National Bloc, which was one of the coalitions that formed the Syrian National Council in October 2011. 

Following a split within the National Bloc in June 2012, Ramadan formed a splinter faction, the Union of Democratic Coordination, which was granted representation in the General Secretariat of the Syrian National Council. Ramadan’s role as head of the council’s Media and Public Relations Bureau has raised his public profile considerably, enhancing his reputation as one of the council’s most influential members. 

Born in 1963 in Aleppo, Ramadan founded an all-Arab news organization, the Quds Press International News Agency, in the United Kingdom in 1992 and remained its general manager until 2010. Ramadan has been involved in the Palestinian cause throughout his career, focusing on it through the Quds News Agency. In 2005, he chaired the third annual Conference of Palestinians in Europe, organized by the Palestinian Return Center and held in London. Ramadan’s brother Mahmoud was assassinated near his home in Aleppo in February 2012, after the regime accused him of sending food and aid to people under government siege in Homs.