Carnegie’s Renad Mansour spoke with Dareen Abu Ghaida on Al Jazeera’s Inside Story alongside President of the Middle East Research Institute Dlawer Ala'aldeen and Bilal Sumbar, professor of social sciences at Yildirim Beyazit University, to discuss Turkey's ramped up military invovlement in Syria.

Mansour argued that Turkey has been attacking Kurdish groups in northern Syria, such as the YPG, as it perceives them as a bigger existential threat than the Islamic State. According to Mansour, Turkey's actions in Syria are meant to stop any Kurdish advancements. He also believes that Turkey could reach out to former foes like Russia or the Assad regime to stop the Kurds from gaining territory. Mansour explained that it is doubtful that President Erdogan of Turkey will change course in Syria as he no longer needs Kurds as electoral allies and that even before the Syrian conflict, Turkey and the Syrian government were in agreement over the Kurdish issue.

This video was originally broadcast on Al Jazeera.