• Paper

    Individual Freedoms in Turkey

    What is at stake in Turkey is the issue of fundamental freedoms in the daily life of Turkish citizens and the limits on an elected government’s way to exercise authority.

    • Op-Ed

    Social Media vs Police Brutality

    Ubiquitous social media use is pulling back the curtain on governments' reliance on old tactics—policymakers can no longer rely on media censorship, public pressure, and overt force.

    • Op-Ed

    Turkish Protests, Syria Crisis Will Boost Turkey-PKK Peace Process

    The recent Gezi Park protests in Turkey, combined with the effects of the Syria crisis, should make accelerating the peace process with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) an important priority for the Turkish government.

    • Op-Ed

    Protests in Turkey; the End of the Turkish Model?

    Often held up as a model for the Muslim World, Turkey is at an unprecedented turning point. While some have argued that recent protests signify a failure of the Turkish model, these widespread demonstrations may in fact represent a new and improved chapter.

    • Op-Ed

    Protests a Needed Tonic for Turkey’s Democracy

    Regardless of the path the prime minister chooses to take to deal with protests, the rejuvenation of political debate in Turkey ensures that the country has a brighter future.

    • Event

    Transition and Gender Equality in Arab Countries

    • Lahcen Achy, Nadia Hashem Aloul, Leila Rhiwi, Soukaina Yabouri, Fatima Sadiq, Moha Ennaji, Mary Kawar, Lina Hundaileh, Arwa Al Badani, Selma Boumaza, Bachir Abou Jamous
    • June 04, 2013
    • Rabat, Morocco

    Women in the Middle East and North Africa continue to struggle to gain access to job opportunities and remain vulnerable to poverty.

    • Article

    Helping Jordan Weather the Syrian Storm

    Embroiled in the spillover from the Syrian conflict, Jordan faces an enormous challenge. The country must focus on political and economic reforms, and needs outside help, too.

    • Op-Ed

    An Alliance Diminished, but Still Vital

    After President Obama’s visit to Jerusalem last month, there were high hopes in Washington and NATO for a turning point in relations between Israel and Turkey.

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    İsmet Akça
    Nonresident Scholar
    Middle East Center
    İsmet Akça is a nonresident scholar at the Carnegie Middle East Center, where his work focuses on the Turkish military’s economy and civil-military relations in Turkey.

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