Non-Arab Countries


    • Op-Ed

    The Two-State Solution is Dying

    Members of Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet and party are now openly declaring the two-state solution dead.

    • Op-Ed

    Shallow Nations, Deep Waters

    For relatively small coastal states such as Pakistan and Israel, the quest for maritime depth has given birth to naval nuclear force structures with the potential to undermine stability during a crisis.

    • Article

    Helping Jordan Weather the Syrian Storm

    Embroiled in the spillover from the Syrian conflict, Jordan faces an enormous challenge. The country must focus on political and economic reforms, and needs outside help, too.

    • Op-Ed

    Dead on Arrival

    Washington needs to work privately with all the parties—Palestinians, Israelis, and Arabs—to allow for a speedy negotiation process. Only the full backing of the U.S. president and a bold new plan can push the peace process forward.

    • Op-Ed

    An Alliance Diminished, but Still Vital

    After President Obama’s visit to Jerusalem last month, there were high hopes in Washington and NATO for a turning point in relations between Israel and Turkey.

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