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    When Islamists Go into Politics

    Islamist parties and movements in Arab countries have gained political influence by making the difficult strategic decision to participate in the existing legal political process, forcing them to confront thorny ideological issues.

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    BBC Live at Carnegie: Obama’s Foreign Policy—One Year On

    In a special live broadcast of the BBC’s prestigious The World Tonight, leading foreign policy experts assess President Obama's first year in office and the chief challenges that lie ahead: strengthening the nonproliferation regime, climate change, the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, Iran, and Afghanistan.

    • Research

    Getting to Pluralism: Political Actors in the Arab World

    • Michal Onderco
    • January 12, 2010
    • Book Review

    The book is the best offering for an overview of Arab politics. It offers important ideas for policy and also a great general overview. Accessible language as well as direct flow of information, make the book a comfortable read.

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    Where We Are in 2010

    The Arab world is at a dangerous juncture, with domestic, regional, and international challenges creating a state of crisis that could lead toward the disintegration of the Arab nations and the fragmentation of society.

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    Plus ça change

    While the current political elite is likely to remain in power, by 2020 the dynamics of modernization will have changed Egypt fundamentally.

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    Obama Faces Test Amid National Security Crisis

    The failed attack on a U.S. airliner thirteen days ago thrust President Obama and his administration into the center of an intensified focus on domestic security. The president’s response to this new crisis has been generally strong as he balances several significant domestic challenges at the same time.

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    Al Qaeda in 2010

    The resurgence of al-Qaeda in Yemen and around the world demands a comprehensive counterterrorism approach. In order to combat al-Qaeda and similar groups, the international community must focus on capacity building in weak states and de-radicalization programs.

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    Solid and Promising

    President Obama has had some major accomplishments in the past year, but serious challenges still lay ahead: strengthening the nonproliferation regime, climate change, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Iran, and Afghanistan.

    • Research

    Coping With Data Limitations When Measuring Industry Oligopoly Power in a Developing Country

    • Lahcen Achy, Azzeddine Azzam, Khalid Sekkat
    • December 16, 2009
    • Regional and Sectoral Economic Studies

    Researchers' enthusiasm for estimating industry oligopoly power in developing countries is often hampered by a lack of available data. Using firm optimizing behavior can help solve this problem.

    • Event

    Sovereign Wealth Funds: From Dubai to Oslo, Politics Meets Business

    Since the start of the financial crisis, questions about sovereign wealth funds, which had $3.9 trillion in assets in 2008, have been at the forefront of discussions regarding financial stability and global politics.

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