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    Middle East: Brave New World For The U.S.?

    As the popular uprising against Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak continues and the pro-western government of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri is replaced by a government supported by Hezbollah, the United States is losing key allies in the region.

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    Destined to Fail: US Policy in the Middle East and Where it has Gone Wrong

    While the United States remains a major player in the Middle East and North Africa, it will not have much success promoting democracy so long as there are no viable alternatives to existing governments in the region.

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    Go Regional

    A regional approach to the conflict between Israel and Palestine would ensure that all parties involved have the ability to make painful compromises and still achieve a viable agreement.

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    Gaza Flotilla Incident: Political Fallout

    The Middle East is in a state of heightened tension following Israel’s armed attack on a flotilla of humanitarian aid. If nations in the region are determined to provoke a war, little can be done to prevent conflict from escalating.

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    Turkey's Role in the Middle East

    Turkey is one of the most economically and politically powerful states in the Middle East and it has recently been taking steps to fill the leadership vacuum that exists in the region.

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    Raid Strains Israeli-Turkish Relations

    Turkey is strongly condemning Israel for the attack Monday on a six-ship flotilla taking humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip. The attack has dealt a very public setback to Israeli-Turkish relations, which have been slowly deteriorating for several years.

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    Gaza and the Peace Process

    The attack on the flotilla headed for Gaza was not only a political catastrophe for the Israelis; it also underscored the tragedy of the situation in Gaza and the need for substantive progress to be made in the peace process.

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    Obama Faces Test Amid National Security Crisis

    The failed attack on a U.S. airliner thirteen days ago thrust President Obama and his administration into the center of an intensified focus on domestic security. The president’s response to this new crisis has been generally strong as he balances several significant domestic challenges at the same time.

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    Al Qaeda in 2010

    The resurgence of al-Qaeda in Yemen and around the world demands a comprehensive counterterrorism approach. In order to combat al-Qaeda and similar groups, the international community must focus on capacity building in weak states and de-radicalization programs.

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