Capacity Building

    • Workshop

    Youth Network Initiative

    Reigning in North Korean hackers is consistent with China’s cyberpolicy and boosts security on the Korean peninsula.

    • Workshop

    Regional Think Tank Support

    The Carnegie Middle East Center convenes closed strategy meetings with leading think tanks from around the Middle East and North Africa, designed to increase cooperation and coordination between them.

    • Workshop

    Strategic Communications and Media Training

    The Carnegie Middle East Center and the Thomson Reuters Foundation held a media workshop which brought together a large group of young scholars and communications professionals from various think tanks across the Middle East and North Africa region.

    • Workshop

    Professional Development Workshops

    Carnegie Endowment Professional development workshops, led by Carnegie global experts, are intensive workshops dedicated to policy writing for junior and senior scholars and writers. The workshops include sessions on how to structure policy articles for maximum impact, how publications influence the global policy community, and how writers can place and promote their publications to contribute to policy debates.

    • Conference

    Stalled Transitions

    The Carnegie Middle East Center and several regional partners convened a series of workshops designed to study the transitions underway in the Middle East and North Africa region.

    • Conference

    Arab Political Parties

    In a joint initiative, Carnegie’s Washington-based Middle East Program and the Carnegie Middle East Center convened a group of senior policymakers and party leaders from Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya to explore the specific challenges facing emerging Arab political parties in defining their platforms and positions in an increasingly polarized political environment.

    • Conference

    Gender Equality in Arab Countries

    Carnegie experts, together with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Morocco, convened a variety of scholars, officials, and civil society members from across the Middle East and North Africa to examine the status of women under the new dynamics imposed by the Arab transitions.

    • Conference

    Security Sector Reform

    Security sector transformation, particularly during the Arab transitions, is a key research interest for the Carnegie Middle East Center, which has hosted a series of closed roundtables and large public conferences on the subject.

    • Conference

    Citizenship Education

    The citizenship education project hosts a series of regional conferences, particularly in Egypt, Tunisia, and Lebanon, intended to convene top education experts and teachers to discuss the inclusion of citizenship education in the national curricula of Arab countries.

    • Conference

    Impact of the Syrian Crisis

    The Carnegie Middle East Center and the Stabilisation Unit at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office convened a group of experts and officials in a facilitated workshop to discuss the findings of the Unit’s assessment report on Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon.

    • Conference

    Social Justice

    The Carnegie Middle East Center’s citizenship and social justice project includes a series of dialogues that explore the ideological backgrounds to the unfulfilled promise of social justice in Arab countries and the challenges and options moving forward.

    • Conference

    Long-term Trends in Palestine

    Carnegie’s Washington-based Middle East Program and the Carnegie Middle East Center convened a workshop that sought to examine potential longer-term scenarios for the West Bank and Gaza.

The Carnegie Middle East Center works with regional partners to build the capacity of emerging scholars and institutions in the Middle East and North Africa.


  • The Lebanese Center for Policy Studies (LCPS)
    Beirut, Lebanon
  • Centre d'Etudes Sociale, Economique, et Manageriales (CESEM)
    Rabat, Morocco
  • The Arab Forum for Alternatives (AFA)
    Cairo, Egypt
  • L'Observatoire Tunisien de la Transition Democratique
    Tunis, Tunisia
  • The Sadeq Institute
    Tripoli, Libya
  • Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute (MAS)
    Ramallah, Palestine
  • Partners in Development (PID)
    Cairo, Egypt
  • Gulf Research Center
    Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Iraq Institute for Strategic Studies
    Beirut, Iraq

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