Political Islam

Several years after the Arab uprisings, the diverse landscape of Islamist actors continues to shift in different directions, often tailored by and for the existing challenges.

Carnegie scholars explore the transformations that Islamist groups and parties in the region (across national, ethnic, sectarian, and doctrinal divides) are undergoing, by examining both the external factors that impact them, and their internal dynamics and tensions around questions of governance, ideology, and violence.

This project was made possible with the generous support of the Carnegie Corporation of New York (CCNY).

Carnegie Experts on
Political Islam

  • expert thumbnail - Boukhars
    Anouar Boukhars
    Nonresident Fellow
    Middle East Program
    Boukhars is a nonresident fellow in Carnegie’s Middle East Program. He is a professor of countering violent extremism and counter-terrorism at the Africa Center for Strategic Studies, National Defense University.
  • expert thumbnail - Fakir
    Intissar Fakir
    Middle East Program
    Editor in Chief
    Intissar Fakir is a fellow and editor in chief of Sada in Carnegie’s Middle East Program.
  • expert thumbnail - Ghanem
    Dalia Ghanem
    Resident Scholar
    Carnegie Middle East Center
    Dalia Ghanem is a resident scholar at the Carnegie Middle East Center in Beirut, where her work examines political and extremist violence, radicalization, Islamism, and jihadism with an emphasis on Algeria.
  • expert thumbnail - Hage Ali
    Mohanad Hage Ali
    Director of Communications and Fellow
    Carnegie Middle East Center
    Mohanad Hage Ali is the director of communications and a fellow at the Carnegie Middle East Center.
  • expert thumbnail - Khaddour
    Kheder Khaddour
    Nonresident Scholar
    Middle East Center
    Kheder Khaddour is a nonresident scholar at the Carnegie Middle East Center in Beirut. His research centers on civil military relations and local identities in the Levant, with a focus on Syria.
  • expert thumbnail - Wehrey
    Frederic Wehrey
    Senior Fellow
    Middle East Program
    Frederic Wehrey is a senior fellow in the Middle East Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. His research deals with armed conflict, security sectors, and identity politics, with a focus on Libya, North Africa, and the Gulf.
  • expert thumbnail - Yahya
    Maha Yahya
    Middle East Center
    Yahya is director of the Carnegie Middle East Center, where her research focuses on citizenship, pluralism, and social justice in the aftermath of the Arab uprisings.

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