The Syrian Social Nationalist Party (al-Intifada) or SSNPI is a secular, social-nationalist party and a founding member of the Popular Front for Change and Liberation and the Coalition of Peaceful Change Forces. The party belongs to the “loyalist” opposition; it calls for national dialogue, political reforms, and a peaceful democratic transition. Though unlicensed, the party is tolerated by the Assad regime.

Major Figures

Ali Haidar: chairman 
Antoun Saadeh: founder


Originally founded by Antoun Saadeh in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1932, the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP) was conceived as a secular, fascist-style party advocating a Syrian national renaissance and the creation of a “Greater Syria,” spanning from Sinai to Iran. The party branch in Syria subsequently split into several factions. One of these, led by Asaad Hardan and Issam al-Mahayri, became a partner of the ruling Baath Party in the National Progressive Front government in 2005. 

The SSNP “Intifada” faction, conversely, is an unlicensed opposition party led by Ali Haidar, which joined forces with the National Committee for the Unity of Syrian Communists to form the Popular Front for Change and Liberation in July 2011. On May 2, 2012, it joined the larger Coalition for Peaceful Change Forces with other loyalist opposition groups. On the same day, Haidar’s son, Ismael, and other party members were assassinated in Homs by anti-regime militias. Haidar ran in the parliamentary elections of May 7 as a candidate of the Popular Front for Change and Liberation, even though it is composed of unlicensed parties, and won a seat. 


Policy Toward the Crisis

  • Rejects external military intervention
  • Rejects arming the opposition
  • Supports dialogue with the regime
  • Supports the Annan peace plan

Political Objectives

  • A civil, secular, democratic system
  • Free elections
  • Freedom of speech
  • The separation of powers
  • Equality between citizens
  • Syrian nationalism

Foreign Policy Issues

  • Anti-Zionism and the liberation of the Syrian Golan Heights
  • Strong opposition to Western interference in Syrian affairs