The Future of Big Business in the New Egypt

November 20, 2014

Big business has been virtually excluded from recent stimulus plans designed to get Egypt’s wheels spinning after years in recession. However, long-term recovery and stabilization are quite dependent on the resumption of activities by large private enterprises, which still control key sectors of the economy. | عربي


What Will Jabhat al-Nusra and the Islamic State Do Next in Syria?

AL-HAYAT November 20, 2014

Jabhat al-Nusra is clearly positioning itself in anticipation of developments on the ground. How does that reflect what it believes—or knows—the Islamic State is preparing to do? | عربي


Development Plan Needed for Peace in Yemen

AL-MONITOR November 18, 2014

The Gulf Initiative succeeded in ending armed hostilities in Yemen, but it has failed to instill peace. | عربي


The Ultimate Fatal Attraction: 5 Reasons People Join ISIS

National Interest November 10, 2014

Five distinct trends—not including theology or technology—explain the fatal attraction to the Islamic State. Understanding these trends is vital for winning the war against extremist ideologies.


Iraq’s Existential Crisis: Sectarianism Is Just Part of the Problem

Article November 6, 2014

The current conflict has renewed interest in splitting Iraq along religious and ethnic lines. But other steps are needed for the country’s long-term recovery. | عربي

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