How Egypt Prolonged the Gaza War

Foreign Policy August 20, 2014

As negotiations on a lasting cease-fire in Gaza grind on in Cairo, it’s not only the animosity between Israel and Hamas that is complicating the talks—it’s also Egypt’s role as mediator.

Topics Discussed

The Political and Security Fallout of the Battle in Arsal

Al-Hayat August 16, 2014

The battle that pitted the Lebanese Armed Forces against Islamist extremist groups led by the Islamic State in the border town of Arsal in early August 2014 has exposed a web of intertwined problems in Lebanon.


Fighting Terrorism and Securing Liberties in Tunisia

Mark News August 18, 2014

The specter of terrorism in Tunisia may force a postponement of planned parliamentary and presidential elections and derail the country's political transition.


Topics Discussed

Politics of Taxation in Sisi’s Egypt

Al Shorouk August 11, 2014

Financial restructuring in Egypt has become a matter of urgency which can no longer be postponed. | عربي


ISIS: Global Islamic Caliphate or Islamic Mini-State in Iraq?

Al-Hayat July 24, 2014

Unless Baghdad offers meaningful political reconciliation and reintegration, ISIS will tighten and deepen its rule of its mini-Islamic state in Iraq. | عربي

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