Airstrikes Will Not Beat ISIS

CNN Opinion September 26, 2014

The most airstrikes can achieve is the containment of the Islamic State through limiting its ability to expand geographically. They can not lead to its eradication.


The National Guard in Iraq: A Risky Strategy to Combat the Islamic State

Article September 26, 2014

A new national guard could help bridge Iraq’s sectarian divide. But it must be accompanied by diplomatic efforts to reach out to Sunnis and prevent outside meddling.


Qatar and the Arab Spring: Policy Drivers and Regional Implications

  • Kristian Coates Ulrichsen
Paper September 25, 2014

Qatar’s new leadership is reverting to a more pragmatic foreign policy and addressing the fallout from its support for Islamist movements in the region. | عربي


Ending Libya’s Civil War: Reconciling Politics, Rebuilding Security

Paper September 26, 2014

With a domestic landscape torn apart by competing claims to power and with interference from regional actors serving to entrench divides, restoring stability in Libya and building a unified security structure will be difficult if not impossible without broad-based political reconciliation.


The Egyptian State and the Religious Sphere

  • Georges Fahmi
Article September 18, 2014

Egypt should include—rather than exclude—its diverse religious movements. In this bid for inclusion, such an approach would help curb violence and extremism and ensure stability. | عربي

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